Jumat, 13 Januari 2012

Modifikasi Honda C70 Klasik

Seeing the look of the Honda C 70 that were piled not make Cede Meivera teurus digarasi immediately took him into the booth modifications Jaya Modified Eagles. "I want to face the Honda C70 a unique look," the old man's head open five.

In the hands of the creator Sis modification, the wind trying to apply the concept bike. "It was the first time I got a challenge like this modification," said Sis dress-up motor sport specialists. To match the original body honda C 70 is replaced with the size of a dim-dimensional pipe 3 mm thick. In order for the system precision splicing and welding using a mounting rail.

"Worry not front and rear wheels precision," said Sis. For fuel tanks conceptualized similar drinking place is made of stainless so a liter of fuel Premium loading. So it looks more fresh the fresh shades of a color is selected. For that the creator uses lacquer paint wrapped Pentagloss Blinken.

Altered the original front tomorrow's motorcycle while on the bottom refer komstir T's GL. For quasi sleeve, sis entrust owned Honda Grand. "What is clear as sokbekernya I do not know what kind of motor," whispered the owner of Jaya Modified Eagles hermitage.

The back of the arm swing appears unique orsinya sokbeker sustained mono-owned Honda. Furthermore, the legs of Venom reinforced rims are wrapped with rubber tires R17 Mizzle 60/80-17, the more grip braking system then carries Sis Tiger Disc front while the rear variant variation.

Modification Honda C70 Classic Retro Specs
Rim: Venom,
TYRE: Mizzle 60/80-17,
LAMPS front: the bike the wind,
Sock Front: motorcycle,
Komstir Q: GL Pro, upholstery: custom,
STEERING: variation,
Sock rear: Honda mono,
CAT: Pentagloss,

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