Jumat, 20 Januari 2012

Yamaha Mio Injection 2012 Review

Yamaha Mio injection, or who were named Mio J FI. The design is no different from the Thai version which had already been introduced. The most prominent design only stripingnya. Indonesia made ​​more muted version. Unlike simple graphics that appear daring Thai version with striking color combinations.

Selasa, 17 Januari 2012

Modifikasi Motor Yang Extreme

Modifier of automotive from Moscow, Mikhail Smolyanov, re-spawn the concept of the motor is very amazing and worth the wait. Not just one, but two at once. Motor dominant red color is a "translation" of an old racing car made ​​in 1938 called GAZ GL1.

Senin, 16 Januari 2012

MOdifikasi Honda Tiger Bergaya MoGe

Many variations of the body wrap honda tiger is in full hand made modifications. Funds for the boss home modifications Prasetya GDZH Custom Cycle from Jombang, modif chopper was too easy. If only a modification, not a challenge for these men who have beards. Unless there are new discoveries.

Modifikasi Satria FU 150 "Funky"

Satria FU 150 is very funny, cute soob, the most it makes me more amazed at the love seat motor plume KW ajah kayak bike,,

Minggu, 15 Januari 2012

Modifikasi Yamaha Byson Naked Fighter

Wake up and browse on the internet eh nemu byson yamaha naked fighter. Cool biking continues to slobber out. I hope I can still sleep aja ga to the same body inget tuh motorbikes. Gw ga orangya stingy if dapet info to direct modification deh ane sebarin through this blog .. immediately wrote ya ya penampakanya.

Jumat, 13 Januari 2012

Modifikasi Honda C70 Klasik

Seeing the look of the Honda C 70 that were piled not make Cede Meivera teurus digarasi immediately took him into the booth modifications Jaya Modified Eagles. "I want to face the Honda C70 a unique look," the old man's head open five.

Rabu, 21 Desember 2011

Modifikasi Motor Kawasaki Ala Randy de Puniet

MotoGP rider Randy de Puniet but likes speeding on the track was also enjoys motor racing modifications. Just look at his bike this modification Kawasaki W650.

To build the bike, the rider in the team Aspar commissioned Feus home modifications for builds these motors.

The motors will be used by de Puniet for a walk in the city of Sydney.

The concept is rather retro motors are expected to de Puniet will be nimble enough to divide the city of Sydney with enough force to drive on the open road.

Wrapped in orange paint (orange), black and white, de Puniet's bike modification presents SR500 tank water is juxtaposed with the old box and K & N filter for later in kawinkan back with two exhaust modifications and lower fenders.

The result, this bike was deceptively simple but still pleasing to the eye and of course with neat workmanship.

That way, de Puniet also now have a thing that would make many people jealous boyfriend after having a Playboy model and a Mercedes SLS AMG.