Kamis, 02 September 2010

Pembalap Indonesia, Doni Tata Berhenti Dari WSS

Yamaha principle policy in Japan, the world's racing program was the only rider Indonesia, Doni Tata Pradita arena World Supersport (WSS) have stalled this year. Doni where to go now?

Time press conference launching New Yamaha Jupiter Z ago, Vice President of PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) Dyonisius Beti announced that as Yamaha prinisipal policy, then the world's racing program for Indonesian rider, Doni Tata Pradita in the field for next year's World Supersport discontinued.

"The global crisis of course have to create efficiencies, including the matter of Doni Tata WSS program. He has tried, whether it is time in MotoGP, the All Japan Championship, and World Supersport. We remain committed to supporting local good Doni international mapun budgetnya not too big, "said Becky.

Instead, add Beti, a Yamaha Indonesia will continue to be a sponsor of the MotoGP world where the slogan of Yamaha More at Home will be racing against the property or Lorenzo Rossi. "It might be both or either one, we still mematangkannya," said Becky.

Nevertheless, Beti also said that Yamaha will continue to support a national motor racing and remain optimistic that the New Jupiter Z will become champion again next year. "We will continue to hold OMR, participate Indoprix and Motoprix where Yamaha has a good penjenjangan into racing Asean Asian Cup Race and Road Race. We have a racing school recesses whose name Yamaha Racing Academy, which has existed since 1996, "he explained.

Where Doni? When you see the competition in accordance with the current level of Doni, should instead Moto2 racing GP250 using 600 cc motorcycles. However, who anchored the team? While the supplier for the Honda engine is held, and Doni Tata Yamaha is still the icon for this, Although kastanya will fall, but the most probable race with a budget that is not too big is the Asian Road Racing Championship (Asian GP). By following the race, Doni will be claimed to be the best supported by a competitive bike course. Or the other option which is more competitive is behind again tested the All Japan Road Race Championship but in the ST600 class.

But the question again, where the team will be anchored at Doni? Is Yamaha going to specifically create their own team for Doni, or there will be entrusted satellite team? I do not know. Doni definite potential must be maintained so that we can still have a polished rider with the achievements of the world. Hopefully

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  1. Ayo Doni Tata Kamu Bisa, untuk ymaha Motor Indonesia tolong perhatikan pembalap Indonesia, ingat motor Yamaha paling laku di Indonesia, jadi orbitkan pembalap Indonesia jangan hanya taglin semakin didepan saja.

  2. sepertinya sulit...
    tapi aq ikut bredoa trus...